The Days & Nights of the Summit…

Here are just a few “behind the scenes” snapshots from the fun that we have had since 2015 when we started this crazy adventure! I will admit that were it not for some AMAZING volunteers (our “camera camp” counselors) and participants sharing these images on our private Facebook page (which one of them actually set up for any Summit participants who would like to join to keep up with everyone),we wouldn’t have any behind the scenes shots, because this is the one event that I never seem to be able to take them! So, thanks to everyone who posted these so that I can share them here to show our participants this year a little taste of what you have in store for you! As I was scrolling back through the Facebook group looking for these images to share, I was astonished all over again at the beauty that these folks have captured and shared through the years. The Great Smoky Mountains are home to me, but it is always a treat to see them through the lenses of other people. It makes me love them even more. As a bonus, we all met each other and bonded over our love of this place and trying to capture its beauty and wonder.

For those of you who are curious about the schedule for this year, we now have the general schedule posted on the website. It has its own menu tab “Summit Schedule 2019”.

The Summit Just Got a Lot Sweeter…

How, you ask? Because we just found out that Tony Sweet IS going to be able to join us as an instructor at the Summit this year after all! We were hoping that his schedule was going to work out so he could join us and it did! So, now we have 12 AMAZING instructors lined up for you in November. If you haven’t registered yet, you can still do that by visiting the registration tab on this site, or you can click this link to take you straight to registration.

Check it out! We added Len Rue, Jr. to this amazing cast!

If you have never met, worked with, or been taught by Len Rue, Jr., now is the perfect opportunity! He is one of my favorite people (and by far the most cheerful person at 5am that I have ever met…and I know this because he is always the first one present to help me with breakfast before everyone goes out for field sessions!) . He literally grew up in this industry and is an amazing teacher. There is still time to sign up for the Summit this November. Just click here to take you to registration. We look forward to seeing you in November!

You can still order food:)!

Yes, originally, the cut off date for ordering box lunches and the fajita bar buffet dinner on Wednesday night was last Friday, October 20th.  However, we have opened that back up until Saturday, October 28th for any of you that might have forgotten! Our catering vendors are much more lenient this year, so that is a plus!  Here is the link for ordering food if you still want to get in on that!  Click HERE to order food!

One week to go!

It’s almost time for the 3rd Annual Great Smoky Mountains Photography Summit to begin!  We are taking care of last minute details in preparation for everyone’s arrival next week, but we wanted to tease you with a few tidbits now…

As you all may know, our opening keynote presentation will be given by Charles Glatzer.  We are so fortunate that he could be with us for the first few days of the Summit!  Charles is a Canon Explorer of Light and we are very thankful to Canon for sponsoring his keynote presentation and helping bring him to East Tennessee.Print

Charles is also holding a pre-conference workshop on Tuesday, October 31st from 9am-5pm at Tremont Lodge (and in the field).  The program is “Metering Demystified” and there are still a few spots remaining if you have been thinking about it but had not committed as of yet.  You don’t want to miss this amazing opportunity!  You can still find the link for this class on the registration page of this website.

See you all soon!

Still Time to Enter the Print Competition…

Just wanted to remind everyone that the deadline to enter the 2017 Summit Print Competition is Friday, October 20th at midnight (EST)!  After this next bit of news, you will definitely not want to miss that deadline….

I just got the official word from Fuji that they will again be sponsoring the prize for the Best of Show winner and it will be….

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 12.22.35 AM


Fuji just released this camera, so we are so excited that they are providing one of these to  our Best of Show winner this year!  Fuji will be on hand all week, so be sure to stop by their booth in the trade show, borrow some gear to try out, and ask them all kinds of questions.  They love to get their products in your hands so you can see what all the fuss is about!

We are loving seeing your amazing images come in for the print competition.  These will be on display at the Lodge throughout the Summit and the winners will be decided after votes are tallied from all of our judges (our entire panel of instructors).  I never envy them that job because it is always a difficult one!  Check out the Summit Print Competition page on this website for all of the information on how to enter.  These do not have to be images taken at a previous Summit.  They can be taken from any time, and anywhere (unless it is for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park category…that one is rather specific).  We just ask that you only enter images that you have taken and that you do not enter an image that has previously won in one of the two previous Summit competitions.  If you have any questions about how to enter, please email us at or call us at 865-934-0909.  Can’t wait to see all of these amazing prints displayed!