The Days & Nights of the Summit…

Here are just a few “behind the scenes” snapshots from the fun that we have had since 2015 when we started this crazy adventure! I will admit that were it not for some AMAZING volunteers (our “camera camp” counselors) and participants sharing these images on our private Facebook page (which one of them actually set up for any Summit participants who would like to join to keep up with everyone),we wouldn’t have any behind the scenes shots, because this is the one event that I never seem to be able to take them! So, thanks to everyone who posted these so that I can share them here to show our participants this year a little taste of what you have in store for you! As I was scrolling back through the Facebook group looking for these images to share, I was astonished all over again at the beauty that these folks have captured and shared through the years. The Great Smoky Mountains are home to me, but it is always a treat to see them through the lenses of other people. It makes me love them even more. As a bonus, we all met each other and bonded over our love of this place and trying to capture its beauty and wonder.

For those of you who are curious about the schedule for this year, we now have the general schedule posted on the website. It has its own menu tab “Summit Schedule 2019”.

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