The 2nd Annual Great Smoky Mountains Photography Summit

The 2016 Summit…

We are so excited to be able to announce the cast of Instructors that we have for the 2016 Summit!  The only thing that would make it better would be if we could have added Wilson Reynolds picture to this group.  Even though he took his leave of this Earth on January 9th of this year (his 63rd birthday actually), we know that he will be with us in spirit and that he wanted us to carry on and keep his dream alive.

So, be sure to register soon as spaces are filling up quickly!  We are limiting the number of participants to 200 again this year because we want to keep the intimacy of the groups and event. We are really looking forward to working with all of these phenomenally talented folks and learning from each other!

Stay tuned for details of the schedule as we will post it on this site when it is complete.  Also, coming soon, information on 2 Pre-Conference Classes…one with Matt Kloskowski and one with Bill Fortney & Jack Graham!

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The planning and organizing of details for the 2nd Annual Great Smoky Mountains Photography Summit is under way!  The 1st Summit in 2015 vastly exceeded our expectations and we think everyone had a great time and learned so much.  We all feel like we made 200 new friends!  So, we are looking forward to doing this again and know that we will be bringing back some of the instructors from last year as well as adding some new ones.  I wish I could post a list of 2016 instructors for you now, but we are still finalizing those details.  I can tell you that Bill Fortney and Wilson Reynolds will definitely be on the list!  Registration is open as of now though, so check your calendars for October 26-30th of this year and plan to be in the Great Smoky Mountains with us.  Stay tuned to this site and our facebook page for updates as we have them!

2015 Summit Information

This Summit has been a dream for many years, but when Wilson Reynolds and Bill Fortney sat down to have a discussion a few short weeks ago, that dream took on life and is becoming a reality.  Everyone they called about participating as a leader said YES immediately.  Schedules worked out, details are coming together quickly, and EXCITEMENT is spreading rapidly.  The goal is to gather a variety of talented and knowledgeable photographers and instructors together in one place like no one has ever done before specifically for the nature and wildlife photography crowd.  We are blown away by the folks who said YES to us this first year and we hope to be able to include other amazing talent on the roster in the years to come.  One of the perks of being able to have this at Tremont Lodge & Resort (aside from the amazing location) is that the layout of the resort will allow us to have all of the presentations, large group sessions, break-out sessions, trade show, and accommodations in one place, but it will also give us the freedom to socialize, network, and get to know each other better in the down times.  It is a huge event in terms of impact, but we also want to keep it as intimate as possible, so the registration will be limited in number.
October 28th will be here before you know it!  Trust us, you will want to BE THERE, DO THAT, AND GET THE T-SHIRT (because yes, we are giving you a limited edition t-shirt!)

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5 thoughts on “The 2nd Annual Great Smoky Mountains Photography Summit

  1. What a greta event…. great hosts, great classes, great instructors great photos, great times and great new friends all at the Great Smoky Mountain Summit. Thanks to Wilson and Bill for bringing this all together along with all the excellent Leaders and especially April Love for ALL YOU DID…… start the countdown for next year.


  2. Hi! I didn’t find out about this conference until it was much too late. If you have a notification list, please include my email. Maybe next year… Thanks!


  3. Looking forward for another great summit! I can’t find any information on the image critique opportunities. How do those work and how do you sign up for them? Thanks.


    1. Hi David,

      Great question! We will be sending out a newsletter very soon with information about the image critiques and how to sign up for them. Look for it in your inbox in the very near future!


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